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A Sort of Homecoming

There is a change in the air - darker mornings, duskier dusks that hint at fall slowly sneaking in and making its presence known.  If summer has our hearts, then fall most definitely has our souls.  Its arrival always seems to come with a new set of ambitions and a renewed sense of purpose.  It's the season of getting things done, getting organized and getting your act together.  It's the season of blazing colour, heady spice and enveloping warmth.   

It's the season where we come home.

These next few weeks are always remarkable to observe, as the season changes at an ever increasing pace.  Berries and greens make way for apples and squash.  Soft and fragile makes room for solid and resilient.  

Instinctively, we begin to seek out the comforts of our own spaces.  If you're like me, you're lighting more candles, pulling out the cozy blankets and taking stock of the cupboards -  for the soups and breads to come;  the pinches of this and the spoonfuls of that that find t…

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